Eduladder Crypto(EduLadder (ELADR)) Is designed to incentify community members as a proof of contribution token. This is running in cardano block chain. Read Our white paper below.

Our github Repo(If you want to make any edits)

You can buy courses from eduladder using this token.

Eduladder is offering a 60 day exclusive program to build up your technical and development skills. We provide opportinuties to explore and learn about technologies like NodeJS, PHP, Javascript, AngularJS, MySQL, MongoDB,Block chain crypto and much more.More Details

You can use this in our gig community?

The internal wallets will facilitate user-to-user transactions for tipping and on-platform “gigs deals” such as code audits, copy editing, bug-bounties, etc.

You can Swap This Coin.

You can swap This coin with Real Coin Pairs .More Details