Common questions and answers!

1. What network are the coins on?
The ELADR token is native on the Cardano blockchain network.

2. Has the coin contract been audited? By who, and is the certificate available?
Minting native tokens on Cardano does not require smart contracts, this functionality is "baked-in" to the base layer protocol which is extensively audited by IOG and it's contracted auditors.

3. Who maintains the keys to the coin? Is it a multi-sig wallet?
The details of the project's key management strategy are confidential, however industry best practices have been implemented as per Cardano developer community specifications.

4. Will the coin contract ownership be renounced?
The token (as stated in the answer to question 2. above) does not require a contract, however ownership and management of the wallets holding the designated supply allotments may be transferred to potential future governance entities such as for example a foundation, or corporate organization.

5. How much liquidity will be provided at the end of the sale against how many tokens and with what pairing?
When all private sales are closed, up to 49% of the total supply will be potentially liquid as determined by the "over-the-counter", peer-to-peer, and exchange based trading activity of token purchases.
Trading pairs beyond ADA/ELADR on Cardano DEXs will be determined by the free market activity of DEX traders and the preferences and options made available over time by centralized exchanges. We will soon be providing a continuously updated portal on listing all known exchanges and trading pairs.

6. Which AMM will be used?
The first exchange to host ELADR trading has been SundaeSwap, more are forthcoming.

7. Will liquidity be locked, and if so for how long?
Currently there are no programmatic or contractual lock-up periods for token owners.

8. How will demand for the coin be generated? And sustained?
The demand will be primarily generated from within the platform wherein users will be able to "Participate-to-Earn" (For more info please read the white paper (

9. Is there a founder pre-mine? How much? What is the vesting period?
This token is not mined, it's full supply was minted. According to "Fair Launch" principles, the founder may earn tokens by participating on the platform along with the community, with the option to purchase tokens from the allotted private sale tokens. However, the founder will not be allotted a percentage of the supply for personal compensation. There is no vesting period.

10. How will the raised funds be deployed?
Funds raised by the private sale will be deployed approximately as follows: 33% for hiring developers and other contractors, 33% for robust, redundant, and dispersed Cardano node running infrastructure and associated bandwidth costs, 33% for marketing and PR campaigns.

11. How frequently will spending reports be published?
At minimum quarterly and at maximum monthly.

12. Will wallets be whitelisted for the presale? Where is the whitelist published?
The supply allotted for purchase is limited to an ongoing private sale while the capped supply lasts. There is no public pre-sale, or other public sales offering and thus no applicable whitelist.

13. Will KYC be done on all buyers? Which KYC provider will be used?
The private sale is being conducted in a manner which does not solicit funds from the public. The business dealings with private purchasers are confidential and in compliance with cross-jurisdictional regulations.