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Where discuss the three times seven Milch-kine in the eastern heaven have for this Soma poured the genuine milky draught?101
Where discuss The thought is deeply fixed; the savoury juice is shed? mandala 9101
Which mandala discuss drops of Soma juice like cows who yield their milk have flowed fort?101
Which mandala discuss Soma, hast a running stream, joyous, most strong at sacrifice? 101
Which mandala discuss holy lore of every sort, flow onward thou whom all men love? 101
Where The glittering maids send Sura forth? Mandala 9101
Where Soma, thou art a splendid Steer?101
how These Somas swift and brown of hue? Mandala 9101
In which mandala disucss rapid Soma-drops have been poured through the purifying sieve?101
In which Hymn discuss Soma, being purified, bring us from all sides? Mandala 9102
Which mandala discuss sacred song most active Pavamana?101
In which mandala discuss soma, winning kina, and steeds? 101
Which runs this giver of delight? Mandala 9101
Which streams that never fail or waste flow? Mandala 9101
What streams that never fail or waste flow? Mandala 9101
When Soma pours the strengthening food?101
Who is the juice all kinds of corn? Mandala 9101
Who is the have drawn the bright milk from? Mandala 9101
In which mandala stones for arms? mandala 9101
In which hymn discuss who is like a caldron shake? mandala 9101
In which mandala discuss ADHVARYU soma?101
In which Hymn discuss rivers roaring? Mandala 9103
Which mandala discuss wave of waters from the sky?101
Which Mandala describes see the light?101
Which mandala describes, the song praise in Soma, on Indra born? 101
Pressed in the mortar, these, the drops of juice? Mandala 9101
Who viewest men, to give delight? Mandala 9101
Who is hurried far away? Mandala 9101
What is Law according to varuna? Mandala 5101
How may the Rudras, mighty warriors, Evayamarut, with splendid brilliancy, like fires, be our protectors? Mandala 5101
Mandala 5 The Twain invincible in war, worthy to be renowned in frays?001
Hymn 85 SING forth a hymn sublime and solemn, grateful to glorious? Mandala 5101
What is the truth bearest the tool that rends the hills? Mandala 5 Hymn 84 101
Mandala 5 Which are these songs they welcome to the Mighty? 101
Who crave of Savitar the God this treasure much to be enjoyed? Mandala 5101
What is the priests of him the lofty Priest well-skilled in hymns harness their spirit? Mandala 5101
Mandala 5 their hymns and praises the Goddess Dawn who bringeth in the sunlight?101
Rig-Veda Daughter of Heaven? Mandala 5101
In hymn 78 how much Asvins rich in rig -veda?101
Who is FIRST worship at early morning? Mandala 5101
AGNI, the bright face of the Dawns? Mandala 5101
In Hymn 75 Mandala 5 what Asvin Pair, bringing your precious treasure? 101
WHERE in the heavens are ye to-day, Gods, Asvins, rich in constancy? Mandala 5101
In Hymn 73 In many spots or in mid-air? Mandala 5101
In Hymn 72 Varuna and Mitra offer with songs? Mandala 5101
In Hymn 71 is Soma of the worshipper? Mandala 5101
In hymn 70 Varuna and Mitra, doth how much grace extend? Madala 5101
In Hymn 69 how many spheres of light? Mandala 5101
In Hymn 68 how inspired Varuna and Mitra with a song ?Mandala 5101
What is the Gods law? Mandala 5101
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