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How to study this subject

STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS –I(COMMON TO CV/TR)Sub Code : 10 CV 43 IA Marks : 25Hrs/ Week : 04 Exam Hours : 03Total Hrs. : 52 Exam Marks : 100PART – A

UNIT 1:STRUCTURAL SYSTEMS AND ENERGY CONCEPT1.1 Forms of structures, 1.2 Conditions of equilibrium, 1.3 Degree offreedom, 1.4 Linear and Non linear structures, 1.5One, two, threedimensional structural systems, 1.6 Determinate andindeterminate structures[Static and Kinematics]. 1.7 Strain energy and complimentary strain energy,1.8 Strain energy due to axial load, bending and shear, 1.9 Theorem ofminimum potential energy, 1.10 Law of conservationof energy, 1.11Principle of virtual work,7 Hours

UNIT 2:DEFLECTION OF BEAMS2.1 Moment area method, 2.2 Conjugate beam method6 Hours

UNIT 3:DEFLECTION OF BEAMS AND FRAMES BY STRAIN ENERGY3.1 The first and second theorem of Castigliano, problems on beams, framesand trusses, 3.2 Betti’s law, 3.3 Clarke - Maxwell’s theorem of reciprocaldeflection.7Hours

UNIT 4:ANALYSIS OF BEAMS AND PLANE TRUSSES BY STRAINENERGY4.1 Analysis of beams (Propped cantilever and Fixedbeams) and trussesusing strain energy and unit load methods7 HoursPART – B

UNIT 5:ARCHES AND CABLES5.1 Three hinged circular and parabolic arches withsupports at same levelsand different levels, 5.2 Determination of thrust,shear and bendingmoment, 5.3 Analysis of cables under point loads and UDL, length of cables(Supports at same levels and at different levels).6 Hours

UNIT 6:ANALYSIS OF BEAMS6.1 Consistent deformation method – Propped cantilever and fixed beams6 Hours

UNIT 7:7.1 Clapeyron’s theorem of three moments – continuous beams and fixedbeams6 Hours

UNIT 8:ANALYSIS OF ARCHES8.1 Two hinged parabolic arch, 8.2 Two hinged Circular Arch7 Hours

TEXT BOOKS:1.Theory of Structures, Pandit and Guptha, Vol. – I, Tata McGraw Hill,New Delhi.2.Basic Structural AnalysisReddy C. S., Tata McGraw Hill, New Delhi.3.Strength of Materials and theory of structuresVol I & II, B.C. Pumia ,R.K., Jain Laxmi Publication New Delhi

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