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JavaScript Tutorial for freshers in 2021

Javascript was created to make “web pages alive”
Javascript is an object-based scripting language and most popular as a client-side scripting
language that is supported by all browsers.
History of Javascript

Why learn Javascript?

Some of the reasons to learn JavaScript are:
JavaScript experts are versatile
● Javascript is an extremely versatile language. Javascript helps you to code on both the
front end and back end using angular and Node.js respectively.
JavaScript experts are in-demand
● Due to its popularity, javascript is one of the most used languages to develop applications
in the industry, this has helped to increase the job opportunity.

JavaScript is beginner-friendly
● Javascript is more beginner-friendly as there’s no need to set up any kind of development

Did you know?��
Why is it called Javascript?
Javascript was initially called “Livescript”. But Java was very popular at that time, so changing the name
from Livescript to javascript helped in positioning a new language as a “younger brother” of Java would
Features of Javascript

There are the following features of Javascript:

● All popular web browsers support Javascript as a result once can come up with beautiful
web pages and applications
● Javascript is a structured programming language and this is a light-weighted and
interpreted language.
● Javascript is an object-based scripting programming language that uses prototypes rather
than using classes for inheritance.
● It is a case-sensitive language.
● Javascript supports s operating systems like Windows, macOS, etc.

How do Javascript engines work?
Javascript Engines are complicated. But the basics are easy:

● The engine (embedded if it’s a browser) reads ("parses:) the script.
● Then the script complies in a machine language format.
● Machine code runs faster after the above process is completed.

What makes Javascript unique?
Three important features that make JavaScript unique:

● Full integration with HTML/CSS.
● Javascript can be executed quickly without any complication.
● Javascript is supported by all major browsers and is enabled by default.

What can Javascript do?

● Javascript helps in creating web pages and applications.
● Javascript helps in creating games, large scale developers are working on game-based
applications using javascript.
● Javascript helps in monitoring events like a mouse click, hover.
● Javascript helps in creating the alert pop-ups to display warning messages or other

Javascript Frameworks
● AngularJS – Web development framework that provides a set of modern design for rapid
application development- Maintained by Google.
● ReactJS – helps in showing off its efficiency in maintaining such high traffic
applications.- Maintained by Facebook.
● MeteorJS – Used in back-end development to save time and build expertise is one of the
major ideas behind Meteor.
● jQuery – jQuery helps in extending your website to make it more interactive.

Javascript Development Tools
Various vendors have made our life simpler by giving us very nice Javascript editing tools.
They are:
● Microsoft FrontPage: Popular HTML editor called FrontPage is developed by

● Macromedia Dreamweaver MX: Macromedia Dreamweaver MX has developed a very
popular HTML and JavaScript editor for professional development purposes.
● Macromedia HomeSite 5: Macromedia HomeSite 5 has developed HTML and
JavaScript editor for managing personal websites effectively.

Relation between HTML CSS and JAVASCRIPT

● HTML(HyperText Markup Language) is used for displaying the web.
● CSS ( Cascading Style Sheets ) makes your website look good.
● Javascript helps in making your website alive.
Comparison with Java and Javascript

Java JavaScript
Strongly-Typed Loosely-Typed
Java is an object-oriented
programming language.

JavaScript is an object-based scripting

Supports multithreading Doesn’t support multi-threading.
uses more memory. requires less memory
File extension “.Java” File extension “.js”
Thread-based approach to

Event-based approach to concurrency.

Applications of Javascript Programming
Javascript enhances the basic programming skills and it is mainly used in the following:
1. Websites

● Javascript enables the website to interact with visitors and execute complex actions.
2. Web Applications
● Javascript has the ability to create robust web applications Eg: Google Maps
3. Presentations
● Javascript helps in creating the presentations as websites with the help of the Reveal.js
4. Server Applications
● Javascript can handle both client-side and server-side applications so, Javascript helps to
build simple web servers and develop server-side applications using Node.js.
5. Smartwatch Apps
● A javascript framework that allows a developer to create an application for the Pebble
watches in JavaScript Eg: Pebble watch

Limitations of Javascript
Though Javascript is not a full-fledged programming language yet it lacks the following features
● Javascript does not allow the reading or writing of files at the client-side.
● Javascript cannot be used for networking applications because there is no such support
● Javascript does not support multiprocessor or multi-threading capabilities.

Alternatives to JavaScript

Some of the developers suggest these below alternatives to javascript :
● Dart
● TypeScript
● Kaffeine
● Elm
● CoffeeScript
We have seen javascript is the most widely used programming language by developers, but it
leads us to the next question: how to learn it?
For starters, you can teach yourself or check out free online resources that explain what
Javascript is and how Javascript works.


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