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You are here:Open notes-->VTU-->Unit-8-CLOUD-AND-SOA



 SOA is very useful architectural style for implementing applications in the cloud.
 SOA would provide the best way to leverage and consume application service provided by the cloud.
 Developing integrated service management approach for both the application services and infrastructure services together will drive efficiency in IT operations by improving the resource utilization and improving the service levels.
 It enable business agility by aligning IT with the business.


 Deliver and leverage cloud based services.
 Use web services-service requestors, service registry, service providers.
 It helps to interoperability and extensibility and shared infrastructure.
 Self service capabilities and virtualized.
 Cloud computing is an infrastructure management and services deployment method.
 Cloud share characteristic of SOA with flexibility and agility.
 Service-oriented architecture is an application framework for building better application.
 SOA design pattern is composed of loosely coupled, discoverable, reusable.
 Interoperable platform-neutral services


 SOA is defined by what a service is. Service are defined by the following characteristics.
 Explicit, implementation-independent interfaces.
 Loosely bound.
 Invoked through communication protocols.
 Stress location transparency and interoperability.
 Encapsulate reusable business function.
 SOA treats elements of business like:
 Business processes.
 Underlying IT infrastructure.
 Secure standardized components.
 Changing business priorities.
 When we look at the SOA vision we need to look at 3 aspects:
 The business view of service.
 The architecture view of service.
 The implementation view of service.
 SOA Lifecycle.
 Combining new and existing services.
 Secure and integrated environment for people, processes and information.
 Customer manage both IT and a business Perspective.
 Provide guidance and oversight for the SOA project.
 Service-Oriented Computing.
 Comprise a specific set of design principles.
 It use "separation of concerns" design philosophy.
 IT virtualized the architectural aspects of the service orientation to make process simple
 It helps to achieve business goals


 Major industry analyst view cloud infrastructure as a key IT ingredients for business agility. Analyst recommend an IT infrastructure that is:
 Shared across customers, business units and application.
 Dynamically driven by business policies and service level requirements.
 The analyst view IT visualization and IT Automation as 2 major elements in realizing infrastructure as service.


 Cloud infrastructure has many components, However, they need not all be implemented concurrently.
 Service can be divided into four domains.
 Application Services.
 Information Services.
 Common IT Services.
 Infrastructure Services.
SOA offers number of business values.
 Business Agility.
 This helps in defining the right time to launch or rapidly scale the deployment efforts needed to implement the new solutions.
 Lower Cost of Operations.
 This helps in utilizing the virtual pools efficiently which decreases the chance of procuring the new systems.
 It helps in increasing in overall effectiveness when we work in an automated environment.
 Improved service levels.
 SOA-based infrastructure helps to adhere to the SLAs efficiently and helps in orchestrating the resource as per the rules and policies.
 Business analytics helps to decide different predictive, proactive, alterative approaches when we follow SOA.
 Efficient Information Management.
 Information dissemination.
 Data replication.
 Business continuity protection.
 Regulatory compliance.
 Maximizing resource utilization.
 Rapid deployment of new application.
 More timely response to changing business conditions.
 Regulatory Compliance.
 We need monitoring to track the performance of the services to confirm that they comply with the regulatory compliances.
 It is important to adhere with energy emission regulations and efficiencies to adopt Greener solutions
 If we have centralized data storage it will help the audit process. Centralized data storage facilitates and accelerate audits.
 Energy Efficiency.
 Computing
 Storage
 Network utilization
 Datacenter energy efficiency

8.6 Cloud IT Service Management


 Organization intent upon leveraging cloud infrastructure should consider the following steps:

 Analysis and Strategy.

 Planning.

 Implementation.

 Value-Driven.

 SOA and Cloud infrastructure.

 SOA based cloud computing model builds on the IT and internet models.

 SOA based cloud computing enabling new ways of doing business.

 SOA to consider the business underlying principle and it helps to determine the cost of investment.

 SOA Business and IT Services.

 It helps to measure performance of business functions and manage the runtime application.

 Generate the metrics to measure the performance is pivotal in the progress of the business.


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