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Asked On2022-08-01 12:40:49 by:divyakant

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Hymn 69

भद्रा अग्नेर्वध्र्यश्वस्य सन्द्र्शो वामी परणीतिःसुरणा उपेतयः |
यदीं सुमित्रा विशो अग्र इन्धतेघ्र्तेनाहुतो जरते दविद्युतत ||
घर्तमग्नेर्वध्र्यश्वस्य वर्धनं घर्तमन्नं घर्तं वस्य मेदनम |
घर्तेनाहुत उर्विया वि पप्रथे सूर्य इवरोचते सर्पिरासुतिः ||
यत ते मनुर्यदनीकं सुमित्रः समीधे अग्ने तदिदंनवीयः |
रेवच्छोच गिरो जुषस्व वाजं दर्षिस इह शरवो धाः ||
यं तवा पूर्वमीळितो वध्र्यश्वः समीधे अग्ने इदंजुषस्व |
सतिपा उत भवा तनूपा दात्रं रक्षस्वयदिदं ते अस्मे ||
भवा दयुम्नी वाध्र्यश्वोत गोपा मा तवा तारीदभिमातिर्जनानाम |
शूर इव धर्ष्णुश्च्यवनः सुमित्रः पर नुवोचं वाध्र्यश्वस्य नाम ||
समज्र्या पर्वत्या वसूनि दासा वर्त्राण्यार्या जिगेथ |
शूर इव धर्ष्णुश्च्यवनो जनानां तवमग्ने पर्तनायून्रभि षयाः ||
दीर्घतन्तुर्ब्र्हदुक्षायमग्निः सहस्रस्तरीः शतनीथर्भ्वा |
दयुमान दयुमत्सु नर्भिर्म्र्ज्यमानः सुमित्रेषु दीदयोदेवयत्सु ||
तवे धेनुः सुदुघा जातवेदो.असश्चतेव समना सबर्धुक |
तवं नर्भिर्दक्षिणावद्भिरग्ने सुमित्रेभिरिध्यसेदेवयद्भिः ||
देवाश्चित ते अम्र्ता जातवेदो महिमानं वाध्र्यश्व पर वोचन |
यत सम्प्र्छं मानुषीर्विश आयन तवं नर्भिरजयस्त्वाव्र्धेभिः ||
पितेव पुत्रमबिभरुपस्थे तवामग्ने वध्र्यश्वः सपर्यन्जुषाणो अस्य समिधं यविष्ठोत पूर्वानवनोर्व्राधतश्चित ||
शश्वदग्निर्वध्र्यश्वस्य शात्रून नर्भिर्जिगायसुतसोमवद्भिः |
समनं चिददहश्चित्रभानो.अवव्राधन्तमभिनद वर्धश्चित ||
अयमग्निर्वध्र्यश्वस्य वर्त्रहा सनकात परेद्धोनमसोपवाक्यः |
नो अजामीन्रुत वा विजामीनभितिष्ठ शर्धतो वाध्र्यश्व ||

1. Auspicious is the aspect of Vadhryasva's fire good is its guidance, pleasant are its visitings.

     When first the people Of Sumitra kindle it, with butter poured thereon it crackles and shines bright.

2. Butter is that which makes Vadhryaiva's fire growstrong: the butter is its food, the butter makes it fat.

     It spreads abroad when butter hath been offered it, and balmed with streams of butter shines forth like the Sun.

3. Still newest is this face of thine, O Agni, which Manu and Sumitra have enkindled.

     So richly shine, accept our songs with favour, so give us strengthening food, so send us glory.

4. Accept this offering, Agni, whom aforetime Vadhryasva, hath entreated and enkindled.

     Guard well our homes and ople, guard our bodies, protect thy girt to us which thou hast granted.

5. Be splendid, guard us Kinsman of Vadhryasva: let not the enmity of men o'ercome thee,

     Like the bold hero Cyavana, I Sumitra tell forth the title of Vadhryaiva's Kinsman.

6. All treasures hast thou won, of plains and mountains, and quelled the Dasas' and Aryas' hatred.

     Like the bold hero Cyavana, O Agni, mayst thou subdue the men who long for battle.

7. Deft Agni hath a lengthened thread, tall oxen, a thousand heifers, numberless devices.

     Decked by the men, splendid among the splendid, shine brightly forth amid devout Sumitras.

8. Thine is the teeming cow, O Jatavedas, who pours at once her ceaseless flow, Sabardhuk,

     Thou. art lit up by men enriched with guerdon, O Agni, by the pious-souled Sumitras.

9. Even Immortal Gods, O Jatavedas, Vadhryasva's Kinsman, have declared thy grandeur.

     When human tribes drew near with supplication thou conqueredst with men whom thou hadst strengthened.

10. Like as a father bears his son, O Agni, Vadhryasva bare thee in his lap and served thee.

     Thou, Youngest God, having enjoyed his fuel, didst vanquish those of old though they were mighty.

11. Vadhryasva's Agni evermore hath vanquished his foes with heroes who had pressed the Soma.

     Lord of bright rays, thou burntest up the battle, subduing, as our help, e'en mighty foemen.

12. This Agni of Vadhryasva, Vrtra-slayer, lit from of old, must be invoked with homage.

     As such assail our enemies, Vadhryasva, whether the foes be strangers or be kinsmen.

Answerd on:2022-08-01 Answerd By:divyakant

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