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Rig-Veda-Mandala-10-->View question

Asked On2022-08-05 10:17:01 by:divyakant

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Hymn 78

विप्रासो मन्मभिः सवाध्यो देवाव्यो यज्ञैःस्वप्नसः |
राजानो चित्राः सुसन्द्र्शः कषितीनां नमर्या अरेपसः ||
अग्निर्न ये भाजसा रुक्मवक्षसो वातासो सवयुजःसद्यूतयः |
परज्ञातारो जयेष्ठाः सुनीतयःसुशर्माणो सोमा रतं यते ||
वातासो ये धुनयो जिगत्नवो.अग्नीनां जिह्वाविरोकिणः |
वर्मण्वन्तो योधाः शिमीवन्तः पितॄणांन शंसाः सुरातयः ||
रथानां ये.अराः सनाभयो जिगीवांसो शूराभिद्यवः |
वरेयवो मर्या घर्तप्रुषो.अभिस्वर्तारोर्कं सुष्टुभः ||
अश्वासो ये जयेष्ठास आशवो दिधिषवो रथ्यःसुदानवः |
आपो निम्नैरुदभिर्जिगत्नवो विश्वरूपाङगिरसो सामभिः ||
गरावाणो सूरयः सिन्धुमातर आदर्दिरासो अद्रयो नविश्वहा |
शिशूला करीळयः सुमातरो महाग्रामो नयामन्नुत तविषा ||
उषसां केतवो.अध्वरश्रियः शुभंयवो नाञ्जिभिर्व्यश्वितन |
सिन्धवो ययियो भराजद्र्ष्टयः परावतो नयोजनानि ममिरे ||
सुभागान नो देवाः कर्णुता सुरत्नानस्मान सतोतॄन मरुतोवाव्र्धानाः |
अधि सतोत्रस्य सख्यस्य गात सनाद धि वोरत्नधेयानि सन्ति ||

1. Ye by your hymns are like high-thoughted singers, skillful, inviting Gods with sacrifices;

     Fair to behold, like Kings, with bright adornment, like spotless gallants, leaders of the people:

2. Like fire with flashing flame, breast-bound with chains of gold, like tempest-blasts, self-moving, swift to lend your aid;

     As best of all foreknowers, excellent to guide, like Somas, good to guard the man who follows Law.

3. Shakers of all, like gales of wind they travel, like tongues of burning fires in their effulgence.

     Mighty are they as warriors clad in armour, and, like the Fathers' prayers, Most Bounteous Givers.

4. Like spokes of car-wheels in one nave united, ever victorious like heavenly Heroes,

     Shedding their precious balm like youthful suitors, they raise their voice and chant their psalm as singers.

5. They who are fleet to travel like the noblest steeds, long to obtain the prize like bounteous charioteers,

     Like waters speeding on with their precipitous floods, like omniform Angirases with Sama-hymns.

6. Born from the stream, like press-stones are the Princes, for ever like the stones that crush in pieces;

     Sons of a beauteous Dame, like playful children, like a great host upon the march with splendour.

7. Like rays of Dawn, the visitors of sacrifice, they shine with ornaments as eager to be bright.

     Like rivers hasting on, glittering with their spears, from far away they measure out the distances.

8. Gods, send us happiness and make us wealthy, letting us singers prosper, O ye Maruts.

     Bethink you of our praise and of our friendship: ye from of old have riches to vouchsafe us.
Answerd on:2022-08-05 Answerd By:divyakant

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