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Rig-veda mandala which show that hitherward turned, listen to this prayer of Indra ?

Rig-veda mandala  which show that hitherward turned, listen to this prayer of Indra ?

Asked On2022-09-15 00:08:27 by:sanjanamandhare

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Mantra :-

अ॒भि प्र वः॑ सु॒राध॑स॒मिन्द्र॑मर्च॒ यथा॑ वि॒दे ।
यो ज॑रि॒तृभ्यो॑ म॒घवा॑ पुरू॒वसुः॑ स॒हस्रे॑णेव॒ शिक्ष॑ति ॥ ८.०४९.०१
श॒तानी॑केव॒ प्र जि॑गाति धृष्णु॒या हन्ति॑ वृ॒त्राणि॑ दा॒शुषे॑ ।
गि॒रेरि॑व॒ प्र रसा॑ अस्य पिन्विरे॒ दत्रा॑णि पुरु॒भोज॑सः ॥ ८.०४९.०२
आ त्वा॑ सु॒तास॒ इन्द॑वो॒ मदा॒ य इ॑न्द्र गिर्वणः ।
आपो॒ न व॑ज्रि॒न्नन्वो॒क्यं१॒॑ सरः॑ पृ॒णन्ति॑ शूर॒ राध॑से ॥ ८.०४९.०३
अ॒ने॒हसं॑ प्र॒तर॑णं वि॒वक्ष॑णं॒ मध्वः॒ स्वादि॑ष्ठमीं पिब ।
आ यथा॑ मन्दसा॒नः कि॒रासि॑ नः॒ प्र क्षु॒द्रेव॒ त्मना॑ धृ॒षत् ॥ ८.०४९.०४
आ नः॒ स्तोम॒मुप॑ द्र॒वद्धि॑या॒नो अश्वो॒ न सोतृ॑भिः ।
यं ते॑ स्वधावन्स्व॒दय॑न्ति धे॒नव॒ इन्द्र॒ कण्वे॑षु रा॒तयः॑ ॥ ८.०४९.०५
उ॒ग्रं न वी॒रं नम॒सोप॑ सेदिम॒ विभू॑ति॒मक्षि॑तावसुम् ।
उ॒द्रीव॑ वज्रिन्नव॒तो न सि॑ञ्च॒ते क्षर॑न्तीन्द्र धी॒तयः॑ ॥ ८.०४९.०६
यद्ध॑ नू॒नं यद्वा॑ य॒ज्ञे यद्वा॑ पृथि॒व्यामधि॑ ।
अतो॑ नो य॒ज्ञमा॒शुभि॑र्महेमत उ॒ग्र उ॒ग्रेभि॒रा ग॑हि ॥ ८.०४९.०७
अ॒जि॒रासो॒ हर॑यो॒ ये त॑ आ॒शवो॒ वाता॑ इव प्रस॒क्षिणः॑ ।
येभि॒रप॑त्यं॒ मनु॑षः प॒रीय॑से॒ येभि॒र्विश्वं॒ स्व॑र्दृ॒शे ॥ ८.०४९.०८
ए॒ताव॑तस्त ईमह॒ इन्द्र॑ सु॒म्नस्य॒ गोम॑तः ।
यथा॒ प्रावो॑ मघव॒न्मेध्या॑तिथिं॒ यथा॒ नीपा॑तिथिं॒ धने॑ ॥ ८.०४९.०९
यथा॒ कण्वे॑ मघवन्त्र॒सद॑स्यवि॒ यथा॑ प॒क्थे दश॑व्रजे ।
यथा॒ गोश॑र्ये॒ अस॑नोरृ॒जिश्व॒नीन्द्र॒ गोम॒द्धिर॑ण्यवत् ॥ ८.०४९.१०

Meaning :-
1. AGNI, come hither with thy fires; we choose thee as Invoking Priest.
     Let the extended ladle full of oil balm thee, best Priest, to sit on sacred grass.
2. For unto thee, O Angiras, O Son of Strength, move ladles in the sacrifice.
     To Agni, Child of Force, whose locks drop oil, we seek, foremost in sacrificial rites.
3. Agni, thou art Disposer, Sage, Herald, bright God! and worshipful,
     Best offerer, cheerful, to be praised in holy rites, pure Lord! by singers with their hymns.
4. Most Youthful and Eternal, bring the longing Gods to me, the guileless, for the feast.
     Come, Vasu, to the banquet that is well-prepared: rejoice thee, gracious, with our songs.
5. Famed art thou, Agni, far and wide, Preserver, righteous, and a Sage.
     The holy singers, O refulgent kindled God! arrangers, call on thee to come -
6. Shine, Most Resplendent! blaze, send bliss unto the folk, and to thy worshipper
     Great art thou.
     So may my princes, with good fires, subduing foes, rest in the keeping of the Gods.
7. O Agni, as thou burnest down to earth even high-grown underwood,
     So, bright as Mitra is, burn him who injures us, him who plots ill against thy friend.
8. Give us not as a prey to mortal enemy, nor to the wicked friend of fiends.
     With conquering guards, auspicious, unassailable, protect us, O Most Youthful God.
9. Protect us, Agni, through the first, protect us through the second hymn,
     Protect us through three hymns, O Lord of Power and Might, through four hymns, Vasu, guard thou us.
10. Preserve us from each fiend who brings the Gods no gift, preserve thou us in deeds of strength:
     For we possess in thee the nearest Friend of all, for service of the Gods and weal.
11. O Holy Agni, give us wealth renowned with men and strengthening life.
     Bestow on us, O Helper, that which many crave, more glorious still by righteousness;
12. Wherewith we may o'ercome our rivals in the war, o'erpowering the foe's designs.
     So wax thou by our food, O Excellent in strength. Quicken our thoughts that find out wealth.
13. Agni is even as a bull who whets and brandishes his horns.
     Well-sharpened are his jaws which may not be withstood: the Child of Strength hath powerful teeth.
14. Not to be stayed, O Bull, O Agni, are thy teeth when thou art spreading far and wide.
     Make our oblations duly offered up, O Priest, and give us store of precious things.
15. Thou liest in the wood: from both thy Mothers mortals kindle thee.
     Unweariedly thou bearest up the offerer's gifts, then shinest bright among the Gods.
16. And so the seven priests, O Agni, worship thee, Free-giver, Everlasting One.
     Thou cleavest through the rock with heat and fervent glow. Agni, rise up above the men.
17. For you let us whose grass is trimmed call Agni, Agni, restless God.
     Let us whose food is offered call to all the tribes Agni the Invoking Priest of men.
18. Agni, with noble psalm that tells his wish he dwells, thinking on thee who guardest him.
     Speedily bring us strength of many varied sorts to be most near to succour us.
19. Agni, Praise-singer! Lord of men, God burner-up of Raksasas,
     Mighty art thou, the ever-present Household-Lord, Home-friend and Guardian from the sky.
20. Let no fiend come among us, O thou rich in light, no spell of those who deal in spells.
     To distant pastures drive faint hunger: far away, O Agni, chase the demons' friends.

Answerd on:2022-09-15 Answerd By:sanjanamandhare

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