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Which rig veda mandala describe about mares ?

Which rig veda mandala describe about mares ?

Asked On2022-09-15 00:32:17 by:sanjanamandhare

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Mantra :-

यु॒वं दे॑वा॒ क्रतु॑ना पू॒र्व्येण॑ यु॒क्ता रथे॑न तवि॒षं य॑जत्रा ।
आग॑च्छतं नासत्या॒ शची॑भिरि॒दं तृ॒तीयं॒ सव॑नं पिबाथः ॥ ८.०५७.०१
यु॒वां दे॒वास्त्रय॑ एकाद॒शासः॑ स॒त्याः स॒त्यस्य॑ ददृशे पु॒रस्ता॑त् ।
अ॒स्माकं॑ य॒ज्ञं सव॑नं जुषा॒णा पा॒तं सोम॑मश्विना॒ दीद्य॑ग्नी ॥ ८.०५७.०२
प॒नाय्यं॒ तद॑श्विना कृ॒तं वां॑ वृष॒भो दि॒वो रज॑सः पृथि॒व्याः ।
स॒हस्रं॒ शंसा॑ उ॒त ये गवि॑ष्टौ॒ सर्वा॒ँ इत्ताँ उप॑ याता॒ पिब॑ध्यै ॥ ८.०५७.०३
अ॒यं वां॑ भा॒गो निहि॑तो यजत्रे॒मा गिरो॑ नास॒त्योप॑ यातम् ।
पिब॑तं॒ सोमं॒ मधु॑मन्तम॒स्मे प्र दा॒श्वांस॑मवतं॒ शची॑भिः ॥ ८.०५७.०४

Meaning :-
1. EVEN as a car to give us aid, we draw thee hither for our bliss,
     Strong in thy deeds, checking assault, Lord, Mightiest Indra, of the brave!
2. Great in thy power and wisdom, Strong, with thought that comprehendeth all
     Thou hast filled full with majesty.
3. Thou very Mighty One, whose hands by virtue of thy greatness grasp,
     The golden bolt that breaks its way.
4. Your Lord of might that ne'er hath bent, that ruleth over all mankind,
     I call, that he, as he is wont, may aid the chariots and the men.
5. Whom, ever furthering, in frays that win the light, in both the hosts
     Men call to succour and to help.
6. Indra, the Strong, the measureless, worthy of praise, Most Bountiful,
     Sole Ruler even over wealth.
7. Him, for his ample bounty, him, this Indra do I urge to drink,
     Who, as his praise was sung of old, the Dancer, is the Lord of men.
8. Thou Mighty One, whose friendship none of mortals ever hath obtained
     None will attain unto thy might.
9. Aided by thee, with thee allied, in frays for water and for sun,
     Bolt-armed! may we win ample spoil.
10. So seek we thee with sacrifice and songs, chief Lover of the Song,
     As, in our battles Indra, thou to Purumayya gavest help.
11. O Thunderer, thou whose friendship and whose onward guidance both are sweet,
     Thy sacrifice must be prepared.
12. To us, ourselves, give ample room, give for our dwelling ample room
     Give ample room to us to live.
13. We count the banquet of the Gods a spacious pathway for the men,
     And for the cattle, and the car.
14. Six men, yea, two and two, made glad with Soma juice, come near to me
     With offerings pleasant to the taste.
15. Two brown-hued steeds, Indrota's gift, two bays from Rksa's son were mine,
     From Asvamedha's son two red.
16. From Atithigva good car-steeds; from Arksa rein-obeying steeds,
     From Asvamedha beauteous ones.
17. Indrota, Atithigva's son, gave me six horses matched with mares
     And Patakratu gave besides.
18. Marked above all, amid the brown, is the red mare Vrsanvati,
     Obedient to the rein and whip.
19. O bound to me by deeds of might, not even the man who loves to blame.
     Hath found a single fault in you.

Answerd on:2022-09-15 Answerd By:sanjanamandhare

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