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Bharath University

Bharath University formerly Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research and Bharath Institute of Science and Technology (BIST), is a private deemed university in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
Bharath University was established in 1984 as Bharath Institute of Science and Technology. The institute was awarded the deemed university status in 2003 and hence the name was changed to Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research. In September 2006, it was renamed as Bharath University as per a new decree issued by the University Grants Commission enabling deemed universities to change their name to "university".

School of Medical Sciences

M.D. Anatomy
M.D. Physiology
M.D. Biochemistry
M.D. Pathology
M.D. Microbiology
M.D. Pharmacology
M.D. Community Medicine
M.D. General Medicine
M.D. Paediatric
M.D. Anesthesiology
M.D. Radio Diagnosis
M.D. Dermatology, Venerology & Leprosy
M.D. Psychiatry
M.D. Chest & TB
M.S. General Surgery
M.S. Orthopaedics
M.S. Obstetrics & Gynaecology
M.S. Ophthalmology
M.S. Otorhinolaryngology
M.Sc. Anatomy
M.Sc. Physiology
M.Sc. Biochemistry (Medical)
M.Sc. Microbiology & Applied Molecular Biology
M.Sc. Neuro-Science
M.Sc. Renal Science and Dialysis Technology

School of Dental Sciences

Dental Technician Course (DT)
Dental Hygienist Course (DH)
M.D.S. Prosthodontics
M.D.S. Periodontics
M.D.S. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
M.D.S. Conservative Dentistry
M.D.S. Orthodontics
M.D.S. Oral Medicine and Radiology
M.D.S. Oral Pathology
M.D.S. Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry College at a glance

School of Paramedical Science

B.Sc Nursing
B.Sc. (N) (Post Basic)
M.Sc Nursing
M.Sc. Medical Surgical Nursing
M.Sc. Paediatric Nursing
M.Sc. Obstetrics & Gynaecology Nursing
M.Sc. Community Health Nursing
M.Sc. Psychiatric Nursing

School of Science and Humanities

B.A. English
B.Sc Applied Sciences
M.A. English
M.Phil English
B.Sc Mathematics
M.Sc Mathematics
M.Phil Mathematics
B.Sc Physics
M.Sc Physics
M.Phil Physics
B.Sc Chemistry
M.Sc Chemistry
M.Phil Chemistry
M.Sc Applied Sciences

School of Information Sciences

B.Tech Information Technology
M.Tech Information Technology
M.Sc Multimedia
M.Sc Information Technology

School of Bio Sciences

B.Sc. Biomedical Science
B.Sc. Optometry
B.Sc. Allied Health Sciences
B.Sc. Audiology & Speech Language Pathology
B.Tech Bio-informatics
B.Tech Bio-medical Engineering
B.Tech Bio-Process Engineering
B.Tech Industrial Bio-technology
B.Tech Chemical Engineering
B.Tech Food Process Engineering
B.Tech Genetics Engineering
B.Tech Nano Technology
M.Tech Bio-informatics
M.Tech Bio-medical Engineering
M.Tech Bio-processing
M.Tech Genetic Engineering
M.Tech Industrial Bio-technology
M.Tech Nano Technology

School of Computer Sciences

B.Sc Computer Science
B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering
B.Tech Computer Software Technology
M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering
M.Tech Software Engineering
M.Tech Advanced Programming Logic
M.Tech Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
M.Tech Database Management
M.Tech Hardware Design
M.Tech Sensor Network Engineering
M.Tech System Software Engineering
M.Tech Computer and Communication
M.Sc Computer Science
Master of Computer Applications

Bharath School of Management Studies

B.Com B.B.A.
Master of Business Administration
M.B.A - Hospital & Health Systems Management
M.B.A. Hotel Management
M.B.A. Marketing
M.B.A. Banking and Finance
M.B.A International Business
M.B.A. 5 Years Integrated Programme
B.Tech with M.B.A. (5 Years Integrated Programme)

School of Mechanical Sciences

B.Tech Mechanical Engineering
B.Tech Mechatronics Engineering
B.Tech Production Technology
B.Tech Aeronautical Engineering
M.Tech CAD & CAM
M.Tech Machine Design
M.Tech Mechatronics
M.Tech Refrigeration and Airconditioning
M.Tech Manufacturing System Management
M.Tech Industrial Engineering
M.Tech Thermal Systems
M.Tech Production Engineering
M.Tech CIM

School of Infrastructure Engineering

B.Tech Civil Engineering
B.Tech Civil Infrastructure Engineering
M.Tech Structural Engineering
M.Tech Environmental Engineering
M.Tech Construction Management
M.Tech Geo-technical
M.Tech Geo-Spatial Engineering
M.Tech Urban Engineering
M.Tech Irrigation Engineering
M.Tech Hydrology and Water Resources

School of Electronics Engineering

B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering
B.Tech Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
B.Tech Electronics and Control Engineering
B.Tech Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
M.Tech Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
M.Tech VLSI Design
M.Tech Applied Electronics
M.Tech Embedded Systems
M.Tech Digital Communication and Network
M.Tech Communication Systems
M.Tech Medical Electronics

School of Electrical Engineering

B.Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering
B.Tech Instrumentation and Control Engineering
M.Tech Power Electronics and Drives
M.Tech Power Systems
M.Tech Instrumentation and Control Engineering
M.Tech High Voltage Engineering

School of Automotive Technology

B.Tech Automobile Engineering
M.Tech Automobile Engineering

School of Architecture



Integrated Ph. D. Programme M. S. By Research Research Programmes[edit] M.S. by Research M.Phil, Ph.D.(full-time & part-time)

Certificate Courses

Diploma in Family Health P.G. Certificate Course in Industrial Health