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The Eladr Protocol is a decentralized, security and efficiency enhanced Web3 noSQL database powered by IPFS as the data storage layer https://ipfs.io/, and the Cardano block chain as the rewards token platform, https://cardano.org/. It provides a JSON based, IPFS layer 2 solution for data indexing and retrieval in an 'append only' file system built with open source Node.js API libraries.

The ELADR token was designed to incentivize and reward community members as a proof of contribution. Token holders are also granted access to EduLadder.com premium features as well as associated ELADR token enabled apps.


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Univercity of Mysticism

Mysticism is "a constellation of distinctive practices, discourses, texts, institutions, traditions, and experiences aimed at human transformation, variously defined in different traditions." The term "mysticism" has Ancient Greek origins with various historically determined meanings.

In at this univercity you can learn a lot about mystisism and you can earn the capability of predicting future that part is coverd by the help of kaniyans. kaniyan is a cast in kerala known by different names like kaniyan, panikar,ganaka,kalarikurup etc,they are traditional astrologer,theyalso practice ayurveda , Their ancestors were the first group of ancientalien Brahmins of pre medieval era. They (predecessors of Ganaka/kaniyar) wereearlier known by the name Arivor .They had a supreme status in social hierarchyby virtue of their excellent sense of past ,future and present (Trikaalangani)and profound skills in guiding the society. They are actually descendantsof sakadwipi Brahmins. Origin dates back to vedic period ,Before 2000BC . Theirancestors were " Maga"people came from indo- Iranian region, eventually migratedand settled at various parts of ancient India .Some of them had taken up thepractice and belief of heterodox groups (Ajivka , Jainism, Budhism) . Latertheir predecessors become separated and segregated in to different groups bytaking up different calling or names at different places. Ganak Brahmins inAssam , Acharya in Tripura , Graha Bipra in Bihar, Nakshtra Darsa, Jothishi inOrrisa, Joshi in western and central India, Kaniyar, Ganaka , Kaniyan kanikal,aniyar panicker, kalari panicker in south India. They were scholarly peopleand were traditionally engaged in intellectual vocations such as AstronomyAstrology,Literature, Ayurveda, Teaching , physicking etc. Kannassa Panickers,Ayyappilli asan, and Ezhuthachan are some of the noted personalities among themwho set out the process of development of a regional language ''Malayalam'' Generally they had taken up the role of astute physical and psychic healers ,asastrology is said to have a major role in social regulation by means of socialand individual psychological intervention.